Automate your Stock

Connecting your website to AgriBuy so you only have to load your sales on once and show it in both places is easy.

The seamless way is to create your listings structure in a similar way to how AgriBuy listings work. That means using the same categories, always listing a price and using your sales office location for Agribuy to link the location of the product.

By doing this your listing will be better categorised on Google and other search engines AND means you can export your data and AgriBuy can import it. The one listing is then live on both sites and you keep the look and style you want on your website. AgriBuy then pulls it through to the AgriBuy site and styles it as an AgriBuy listing.

Easy… doubling your listings and increasing your exposure to more buyers! To get instructions click here.

The other way is to create all your listings in the AgriBuy system and then create a page on your website that pulls your sales back through into your site. These sales will be styled up as an AgriBuy listing - but again you are only listing your item for sale once but displaying it on two or more websites.


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